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Language Interpretation Services


Interpretation Service

CheapStandard offers interpretation services to help you place your order over the phone. Simply call us between 1300 and 2300 GMT, and we will be able to take your order over the phone in almost any language.  

CheapStandard vous offre maintenant des services de traduction pour vous aider à commander par téléphone. Appelez nous entre les heures 1300 et 2300 GMT, et nous pourrons prendre votre ordre par téléphone en presque toutes les langues.


CheapStandard bietet jetzt Übersetzungsdienste an, um Ihnen zu helfen, Ihren Auftrag per Telefon zu erteilen. Rufen Sie uns einfach zwischen 1300 und 2300 GMT, und wir werden in der Lage sein, Ihren Auftrag in praktisch allen Sprachen per Telefon entgegen zu nehmen.


CheapStandard ora offre un nuovo servizio: potrai ordinare al telefono nella tua lingua. Chiamaci tra 1300 e le 2300 GMT e saremo in grado, virtualmente, di evadere l'ordine telefonico in qualsiasi lingua.


CheapStandard ofrece ahora servicios de traduccion para ayudarle a encargar su publicacion por téléfono. Simplemente llámenos entre las 1300 y las 2300 GMT), y nosotros tomaremos su encargue en Español o en cualquier otro idioma.

is a professional standards and codes translatora. Now, CheapStandard is running a professional standards and codes website, https://cheapstandard.com. Through this website, CheapStandard provides English-translated standards and codes to clients worldwide. 


"Sincerity" is involved in every growth step of CheapStandard. We offer you professional, reliable, just-in-time translation services, which you can experience deeply when you contact with us. Translation is a work of conscience rather than any other things. Whether the translation is qualified or not can be pre-determined in the selection of draft translators. In CheapStandard, the error-free translation quality is guaranteed through the know-how of experienced full-time translators, as well as the sophisticated processes in which at least three specialized translators are involved, following ISO 17100. 

How to Translate 

CheapStandard has been equipped with state-of-the-art computer-aided translation (CAT) software, which enables translators to improve their accuracy and efficiency via sharing term and sentence database in WAN and LAN. Our process is divided into four phases: "draft translation - draft proofreading - professional proofreading - literal proofreading - final proofreading", which is accredited according to ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification system. All standards and codes available on CheapStandard are translated by experienced in-house translators, following the requirements stated in ISO 17100. 

CheapStandard offers our foreign speaking customers interpretation services for the following languages:

Afrikaans - Akan - Albanian - Amharic-Ethiopian - Arabic - Armenian - Assyrian - Azerbaijani - Balinese - Baluchi - Bashkir - Basque - Belgian - Belorussian - Bengali - Bosnian - Brazilian Portuguese - Bulgarian - Burmese - Cambodian (Khmer) - Cantonese - Catalan - Cebuano - Chagga Chaldean - Chaochow - Chavacano - Cherokee - Creole - Croatian - Czech - Dakota - Danish - Dari Dimli - Dutch-Flemish - Efik - Estonian - Ewe - Farsi-Persian - Fijian - Finnish - Flemish - Fon - French - French Canadian - Fukienese - Fulakunda - Ga - Galla - Gaelic - Georgian - German

Gogo - Greek - Gujarati - Haitian Creole - Hakka - Haya - Hebrew - Hindi - Hindi-Lukiga - Hmong - Hubei - Ho - Hungarian - Hunanese - Ibanag - Ibo - Ilocano - Indonesian - Italian - Jakartanese - Japanese - Jarai - Javanese - Jola - Kanjobal - Karo-Dairi - Kashmiri - Kazakh - Kikuyu - Kirghiz - Khmer - Korean - Kongo - Kurdish - Lakota - Laotian - Latvian - Lingala - Lithuanian - Luba-Shaba - Lwena - Macedonian - Malay - Malagasy - Maltese - Mandarin - Mandinka - Mankon - Marathi - Marshallese - Mien - Malayalam - Moldavian - Mongolian - Mordvin - Navajo - Nepali - Ngulu

Nkole - Norwegian - Ojibway - Oromo - Ossetianv Pampangan - Pangasinan - Pao-An - Papiamento - Pashto - Polish - Portuguese - Punjabi - Quechua - Quiche - Rhade - Romanian - Rundi - Russian - Samoan - Sango - Senegalese - Serbian - Sgaw - Shanghai - Sicilian - Sinhalese - Sindhi - Slovak - Slovenian - Somali - Spanish - Sundanese - Swahili - Swedish - Szechuan - Syrian - Tagalog - Taiwanese - Tajiki Tamil - Tatar - Telugu - Tibetan - Tigre - Thai - Thonga - Tigrinya - Toishanese - Tongan - Toucouleur - Trukese - Tshiluba - Turkish - Turkmen - Ukrainian - Urdu - Uzbek - Vietnamese - Visayan - Wolof - Wu - Yao - Yiddish - Yoruba - Zulu.


Order Steps of Purchase the Translation Version of Standards:


Order Step Guide

Step 1. Sign up & Log in

Free sign up a member account, Then Log in the Member Center.

Step 2. Search the Standards

Search the Standards you are intresting, you can search with the Standard code, or with the keyword;

If not sure which the standard, you can creat a support ticket, send the commodity description or requirement to us, Our Technical support staff will manual search the relevant standards then give you quotation.

Step 3. Add in Shopping Cart

You can add Standards order in the Shopping Cart, If don't need some of them, you can delete it from the shopping cart,  Price inquiry will automatically notify our customer service staff.

Step 4. Price Inquiry

Needn't any submit, Price inquiry in your shopping cart will automatically sent to us; If in Singapore working time, we will offer quotes within 5 hour; Other time, we will offer quotes within 24 hours;

Step 5. Check out

After you get the quotes, then you choose which standards for payment. You can choose pay all standards in the shopping cart, or pay each number order, or pay each individual standard.

You can pay by Paypal, credit card, or debit card,or Bank transfer,etc.

Step 6. Waiting for Translation

1. Translation version of standards and ready translated verion of standards will be delivered in 1 to 2 Days after received the payment.

2. Translation version of Standards if not available yet, deadline for translation depends on the Standards pages, usually need 1 to 2 weeks.

3. Our translators produce an average of 5,000 to 10,000 words per day, If your job is urgent and stylistic consistency is not critical, we can assign a number of translators to work in collaboration so that your deadline can be met.

Step 7. Order Delivery

After the translation finished, you can download Standards PDF Files in Member Center Cloud Disk, or we send to your E-mail.

Step 8. Member Support

In then Member Center, You can manage your order record , Download your purchased standard files at any time, If your company's pruchase process, needs a formal quotation letter or invoice, you can print out the relevant quotation letter or invoice automatically.