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Standards Management Tool (Software)


Engineering Workbench (EWB)

Expedite technical research and innovation with an advanced engineering intelligence solution.

Engineering WorkbenchTM from IHS Markit offers the world's first and only Engineering Intelligence solution. Designed for the engineering and technical professional, no other platform provides single-point access to essential technical knowledge that resides both inside and outside the organization.

Engineering Workbench addresses this "information overload" challenge with a single intuitive interface that uses advanced knowledge discovery technologies to surface answers from a curated universe of technical knowledge.

Existing customers can access the Engineering Workbench Resource Center for training videos, guides, news and more.

Beyond information, engineering intelligence

Designed by technical professionals for technical professionals, Engineering Workbench™ from IHS Markit provides unified access to a vast curated knowledge-base of standards, eBooks, patents, journal articles and much more. Paired with cutting-edge knowledge discovery technology and content analytics, it solves the ‘information overload’ challenge by providing a single point of access to the content and tools needed to advance innovation, maximize productivity, and reduce risk.