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Standards Searching and Managing Tool


Engineering Workbench

Expedite technical research and innovation with an advanced engineering intelligence solution.
Engineering WorkbenchTM from IHS Markit offers the world's first and only Engineering Intelligence solution. Designed for the engineering and technical professional, no other platform provides single-point access to essential technical knowledge that resides both inside and outside the organization.Engineering Workbench addresses this "information overload" challenge with a single intuitive interface that uses advanced knowledge discovery technologies to surface answers from a curated universe of technical knowledge.

World's Largest Collection of Curated Technical Content

The industry's top standards management solution from IHS Markit connects your entire enterprise to the world's largest collection of continuously updated engineering and technical reference documents from nearly 500 standards developing organizations and publishers.Features
  • Intelligent Search: Single search field automatically distinguishes between document number and keywords, with type-ahead and popular document suggestions
  • Advanced Search/Research Tools: Query builder with Boolean operators, grouping of terms, and order operations logic; optional Research Assistant discovers knowledge through textual or graphical exploration
  • Personalization Tools:  Create annotations; bookmark documents, pages, and passages for quick access; and create and manage project folders
  • Watch Lists & Automatic Monitoring: Create shared lists to track project-specific documents, add items with a single click, and set alerts to be notified of standards changes
  • Reduce cost and risk due to noncompliance, including loss of sales and market share
  • Improve time to market by empowering R&D and engineering to do their job, not waste time searching for and researching standards
  • Guarantee quality by ensuring consistent use of standards to meet customer and market requirements
  • Ensure user adoption with ease of platform deployment, training and support with our worldwide network of customer care professionals
  • Simplify procurement with single-point standards management solution requiring only one relationship, one negotiation and one transaction

Who uses Engineering Workbench and how?

  • Engineers (Design, Compliance, Safety, Materials)
  • Scientists
  • Researchers
  • Non-engineer technical professionals
  • Use vetted industry reference sources to discover reliable and innovative solutions to technical challenges quickly
  • Accelerate R&D and problem solving
  • Minimize rework in the design cycle
  • Engineering program managers
  • Consolidate information sources to make your engineering teams more efficient and collaborative
  • Reduce costs and simplify processes
  • Librarians
  • Standards managers
  • Increase utilization of knowledge sources
  • Improve relevance of technical answers provided to engineering/R&D teams