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Korean Standards (KS)

The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) is a government agency which has been leading national and international standards in the Republic of Korea since it was founded in 1883 as Analysis and Testing Laboratory of the Mint Office. After several changes and developments over the last several decades, KATS was reformed under Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. KATS is an active member of ISO, IEC and PASC.

KATS contributes to international standardization with the following objectives:

  • to provide technological infrastructure to support Korean enterprises to be recognized internationally by evaluation and certification of technology and quality
  • to enforce product safety
  • to improve quality of life through standardization.

To achieve the above objectives, KATS undertakes

  • to harmonize Korean Industrial Standards (KS) with international standards
  • to manage the national legal metrology system
  • to accredit testing
  • to conduct research for standardization, and
  • to endorse international mutual recognition agreements in the fields of standardization and conformity assessment and legal metrology.

KS (Korean Standards) are Korean National Standards developed, reviewed and notified under the Korean Industrial Standardization Act.

KS may be divided into 21 sectors ranging from the Basic standards (A) to the Information (X), as well as it may be classified into 3 types of standards as follows:

  • Product Standards: Specifying improvement, measurement and quality of product
  • Procedure Standards: Specifying testing, analysis, inspection, measurement method and process standard, etc.
  • Horizontal Standards: Specifying terminology, technical characteristics, unit and numerical progression, etc.
Classification Sub-classification
Basic Standards (A) General/Radiation · radioactivity management/Guide/Dependability management/Culture/Social system/Etc.
Mechanical Engineering (B) General/Machine elements/Tools/Machine tools/Measuring instrument · physical apparatus/General machinery/Industrial machinery Agricultural machinery/Thermal apparatus · gas apparatus/Metrology · measurement/Industrial automation/Etc
Electrical & Electronic Engineering (C) General/Measurement & testing apparatus/Electrical & electronic materials/cable and conduit/Electrical machines/Electrical appliances Electrical · electronic · communication component/Lamp · lighting devices/Wiring · electrical accessories/Semiconductor · display/Others
Metals (D) General/Raw Materials/Steels/Cast Steel and Cast Iron/Copper Products/Castings/Wrought Products/Secondary Products/ Methods of processing/Analysis/Etc.
Mine (E) General/Mining/Security/Mineral/Transportation/Etc.
Construction (F) General/Testing · inspection · measurement/Materials · elements of civil and building construction/ Construction work/Etc.
Necessities (G) General/Furniture · interior item/Stationery · office supplies/Household goods/ Leisure · sports equipment/Musical instruments/Etc.
Food(H) General/Processed agricultural foods/Processed marine foods/Etc.
Environment (I) General/Environmental assessment/Atmosphere/Water quality/Soil quality/Waste/Noisy and vibration/Malodor/Marine environment/ Etc.
Organism (J) General/Biological process/Bio-chemical · biofuel/Industrial microorganism/Bioassay/bioinformation/Etc.
Fiber (K) General/Clothing/Yarns · Knitted fabrics · Textile fabrics/Textile · Knitting machine/Industrial textile products/Etc.
Ceramics (L) General/Glass/Refractories/Potteries · clay products/Cement/Abrasives/Machine structure ceramics/ Electric · electronic ceramics/Ceramic materials/Etc.
Chemistry (M) General/Industrial chemicals/Rubber · leather/Fats and oils · mineral oil/Plastics · photographic material/Dyestuff · explosives /Pigment · paint · ink/Paper · pulps/Reagents/Cosmetics/Etc.
Medical (P) General /General medical devices/Equipment used in medical practice/Materials for medical devices /Medical supplies · hygienic products/Technical aids for disables · elderly-considered products/Electronic equipment in medical practice/Etc.
Quality Management (Q) General /Factory management/Sensory analysis/System certification/Conformity assessment/Applied statistical method /Etc.
Transportation (R) General /Testing and Inspect method/Common parts/Bicycle/Engine and parts/Car bodies · safety/Electric & electronic system · instrument/Repair Tools/Railway / Motorcycle /Etc.
Service (S) General /Industrial service/Consumer service/Etc.
Logistics (T) General /Packaging/Storage · loading/Transport/Logistics information /Etc.
Shipbuilding (V) General/Hull/Engine & parts/Electric equipment/Navigational instrument/Etc.
Aerospace (W) General/Standard parts/Airframe · materials/Aviation screw propeller/Aviation electronic equipment/Ground support supplies /Etc.
Information Technology (X) General /Information technology application/Character set · coding · automatic identification/Software · computer graphics /Networking · IT interconnection/IT equipment · data storage media/Electronic documents · electronic commerce/Etc.

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