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Chinese Standards in English


Standards GB are Chinese national standards, which are issued by China's Standardization Administration Office (SAC). Chinese national standards are used all over China commonly labeled as GB standards. They determine the united production requirements regarding product safety and quality . GB standards are often modified or created according to the international standards of ISO, IEC or any other international level. Although, they are largely harmonized, GB standards may differ from international standards. 

Chinese National Standards (GB, GB/T, GB/Z) and Industry Standards

Abbreviation Industry Sector Browse Abbreviation Industry Sector Browse
PDF Samples Translated English Samples LS, LS/T, LST Food LS
AIMC Automatic Identification Association Search LY, LY/T, LYT Forestry LY
AQ, AQ/T, AQT Safety & Security AQ MH, MH/T, MHT Civil Aviation Search
BB, BB/T, BBT Packaging Search MT, MT/T, MTT Coal MT
CAS China Standardization Association Search MZ, MZ/T, MZT Civil Affairs Search
CB, CB/T, CBT Shipping Search NB, NB/T, NBT Energy NB
CCES Civil Engineering Search NDGJ Energy & Power Planning Search
CECA Construction Cost Management Association Search NJ, NJ/T, NJT Agricultural Machinery Search
CECS Construction (Recommended) Search NY, NY/T, NYT Agriculture NY
CH, CH/T, CHT Surveying Search QB, QB/T, QBT Light Industry QB
CJ, CJ/T, CJT Urban Construction CJ QBJS Light Industry Design Search
CSM China Metal Association Search QC, QC/T, QCT Automobile & Vehicle QC
CY, CY/T, CYT News and Publication Search QHBm Aviation industry Search
DA, DA/T, DAT Archives Search QJ, QJ/T, QJT Aerospace Search
DB, DB/T, DBT Earthquake Search QX, QX/T, QXT Meteorology Search
DL, DL/T, DLT Electricity & Power DL RFJ Civil Air Defense Search
DZ, DZ/T, DZT Geology DZ SB, SB/T, SBT Commerce SB
EJ, EJ/T, EJT Nuclear Search SC, SC/T, SCT Water Products Search
FD, FD/T, FDT Wind Power Search SD, SD/T, SDT Water Power Search
FJ, FJ/T, FJT Textile Machinery Search SG, SG/T, SGT Light Industry Search
FZ, FZ/T, FZT Spinning & Textile FZ SH, SH/T, SHT Petrochemical SH
GA, GA/T, GAT Public Security Search SHSG Petrochemical Design Search
GB National Standard (Mandatory) GB SJ, SJ/T, SJT Electronics SJ
GB/T, GBT National Standard (Recommended) GBT SL, SL/T, SLT Water Resources (Irrigation) SL
GB/Z, GBZ Professional Health Search SN, SN/T, SNT Commodity Inspection SN
GF, GF/T, GFT Languages Search ST, ST/T, STT Food Seasonings Search
GH, GH/T, GHT Supply and Marketing Cooperatives GH SY, SY/T, SYT Oil & Gas SY
GJB Military Search SZ, SZ/T, SZT Productivity Promotion Search
GJJ Municipal Engineering Search TB, TB/T, TBT Railway & Train TB
GM, GM/T, GMT Cipher Code Search TD, TD/T, TDT Land Search
GN Ministry of Public Security Search TJ, TJ/T, TJT Civil Construction Search
GY, GY/T, GYT Radio, Film & TV GY TSG Special Equipment TS
HAD Nuclear Search TY, TY/T, TYT Sports Search
HB, HB/T, HBT Aviation Search WB, WB/T, WBT Goods Search
HCRJ Environmental Conditions Search WH, WH/T, WHT Culture Search
HG, HG/T, HGT Chemical Industry HG WJ, WJ/T, WJT Armed Police Search
HJ, HJ/T, HJT Environmental Protection HJ WM, WM/T, WMT Foreign Trade Search
HJB Navy Search WS, WS/T, WST Hygiene & Health WS
HS, HS/T, HST Customs Search WW, WW/T, WWT Cultural Relic Protection Search
HY, HY/T, HYT Ocean Search XB, XB/T, XBT Rare Earth Metal Search
JB, JB/T, JBT Machinery JB YB, YB/T, YBT Ferrous Metallurgy YB
JC, JC/T, JCT Building Materials JC YBB Medicine Packing Search
JG, JG/T, JGT Building & Construction JG YC, YC/T, YCT Tobacco YC
JJ, JJ/T, JJT Construction Machinery JJ YD, YD/T, YDT Telecommunication YD
JJF Metrological Specifications JJF YS, YS/T, YST Non-ferrous Metallurgy YS
JJG Metrological Verification JJG YY, YY/T, YYT Medicine & Medical Device YY
JR, JR/T, JRT Finance JR YZ, YZ/T, YZT Postal Search
JT, JT/T, JTT Highway & Transportation JT ZB, ZB/T, ZBT Professions Search
JY, JY/T, JYT Education Search ZC, ZC/T, ZCT Intellectual Property Search
LB, LB/T, LBT Travel & Tourism Search ZJB China State Construction Eng. Co. Search
LD, LD/T, LDT Labor & Safety Search      
Source: Translated, re-compiled and modified from China National Institute of Standardization (cnis.gov.cn)


Chinese Local Standards (Provincial Standards)
Abbreviation Province / Region / SAR Abbreviation Province / Region / SAR Abbreviation Province / Region / SAR
DB11 Beijing DB12 Tianjin DB13 Hebei
DB14 Shanxi DB15 Inner Mongolia DB21 Liaoning
DB22 Jilin DB23 Heilongjiang DB31 Shanghai
DB32 Jiangsu DB33 Zhejiang DB34 Anhui
DB35 Fujian DB36 Jiangxi DB37 Shandong
DB41 Henan DB42 Hubei DB43 Hunan
DB44 Guangdong DB45 Guangxi DB46 Hainan
DB50 Chongqing DB51 Sichuan DB52 Guizhou
DB53 Yunnan DB54 Tibet DB61 Shaanxi
DB62 Gansu DB63 Qinghai DB64 Ningxia
DB65 Xinjiang DB81 Hong Kong SAR DB82 Macao SAR
Source: Translated, re-compiled and modified from China National Institute of Standardization (cnis.gov.cn)
Hierarchy of Chinese Standards
Level Type Example Remark
National Standard Mandatory GB 8898-2011 The highest level
Recommended GB/T 27930-2015 "Recommeded" is not voluntary, it should be treated as "mandatory".
Industry Standard Mandatory YY 0950-2015 Issued by the relevant Ministry of PRC, typically.
Recommended YY/T 1216-2013 "Recommeded" is not voluntary, it should be treated as "mandatory".
Local Standard Strengthened or local DB4426-2001 (Guangdong) Issued by provinces / autonomous regions / SARs
Group Standard   T/CAS 303-2018 Issued by Association
Enterprise Standard   Q/BQB 310-2018 (BaoSteel) Issued by Private Corporation
Source: Compiled and prepared by www.ChineseStandard.net.