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European Association for standardizing Information and Communication Systems (ECMA)

All current ECMA standards, technical reports, and memos covering data interchange, character sets, printing specifications, recovery procedures, Programming Language PL/1, safety requirements, protocol, and more.

Since 1961 and continuing in full force today, Ecma International®facilitates the timely creation of a wide range of global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Consumer Electronics (CE) standards, for: 

  • Access Systems;
  • Acoustics;
  • Close Proximity Electric Induction Data Transfer;
  • Dart;
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electromagnetic Fields (EMC and EMF);
  • Information Storage;
  • ECMAScript;
  • Multimedia Coding and Communications;
  • Near Field Communications;
  • Office Open XML Formats;
  • Open XML Paper Specification (OpenXPS);
  • Product-related Environmental Attributes;
  • Product Safety;
  • Programming Languages;
  • Smart Wearable Systems and Sensor-based Devices.

Ecma has been involved in the development of the concept of "fast tracking" in ISO/IEC JTC 1 and - since its introduction in 1986 - it has been one of the main practitioners of it.

Ecma is driven by industry to meet the needs of industry, generating a healthy competitive landscape based on differentiation of products and services, rather than technology models, generating confidence among vendors and users of new technology.

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